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Why My Eyes Are Getting Smaller?


As we age, our eyes change, usually not for the better. This lovely sentiment is almost always referring to our vision worsening as we get older. Sometimes it seems our glasses get thicker and thicker the older we get! 

In actuality, though, the lenses of our eyes change and are less flexible, which makes it harder to see objects up close or read small print text. Reading glasses can usually help with vision issues and help easily correct the most noticeable vision problems.

When you look at yourself in the mirror and ask, “why my eyes are getting smaller” you might just be noticing changes happening around your eyes and not your actual eyes changing size. Your eyes are just playing tricks with you!

Why Is My Eye Smaller than Usual?


Sometimes one eye can have the appearance of looking smaller or larger than we are used to. The truth is your actual eyeball doesn’t ever change in size, and it is entirely developed by the time you are in your early 20s. You can, however, experience things like: 

  1. Sagging skin
  2. Sagging eyelids
  3. Dark-colored under eyes 

These three things that occur naturally with age can lead you to believe that your eye or eyes are getting smaller.

How Do You Make Your Eyes Bigger Naturally?


Since we know that your eye isn’t getting smaller but that the skin around it could be changing, the real question you should be asking is, “how can you treat the area around your eyes to make your eyes appear bigger”?

The skin around your eyes tend to sag or lose its elasticity with age but you can practice a few simple tricks to help aid the look of your eyes getting smaller.

  1. Get plenty of sleep so that your eyes appear bright and well-rested
  2. Hydrate your body, and your skin will also be hydrated and more firm
  3. Use natural moisturizers to increase topical hydration and firmness of the skin around your eyes
  4. Apply non-toxic, natural ingredient makeup and contouring to help brighten your eyes naturally

What Exercises Make Your Eyes Smaller?


No exercise can be done to make your eyes smaller. However, if you have concerns or changes that you feel need to be made, you can contact a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to find out what your options are. You may be surprised by the treatments that are available to you! 

These specialists may help with skin sagging or eyelid sagging, which can eventually cause problems with your vision. Being proactive in cases like this is essential, and your doctor or eye specialist can help point you in the right direction. 

Healthy Vision Habits


Establishing healthy vision habits for you and your family is high on the list of priorities for our team at Vision Boutique. Call us to schedule an eye appointment and exam to learn more about what vision services we provide.

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