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North Center Eye Doctors

For quality North Center eye care, Vision Boutique is here to help. Our professional services include a variety of solutions for your vision needs, including eyeglasses, eye exams, contact lenses, diagnostics and treatments, emergency services, and more.

With over 50 years of combined experience, our team at Vision Boutique is leading the local industry in the Greater Chicago area. Not only do we provide general vision correction services, but our eye doctors are also trained and licensed to manage a range of solutions for common medical issues. The goal is to help you maintain the highest levels of wellness and vision, keeping your eyes healthy for life.

Trained Staff and Cutting-Edge Technology

We combine a team of highly trained doctors and assistants with state-of-the-art optical technology. By paying attention to the smallest details that affect comfort and care, we promise you will have a good experience when visiting our office. Your eye health is our highest priority, which is why we always provide a personalized treatment plan for each patient.
Here is an overview of the available Lakeview optometry services offered:

Eye Exams:

Maintaining a consistent routine with eye exams is one of the best things you can do to protect your eyes. We test and evaluate your vision and overall eye health, including early diagnosis for eye diseases.


If you need vision correction, then our team is here to assist. View the many frames in our office, including stylish products from popular designer names.

Contact Lenses:

We will help with the selection of the perfect contact lenses that help you maintain comfort throughout the day.


Immediate and ongoing treatments are essential if you’ve been diagnosed with an eye disease. Work with our Lakeview eye care team for a custom treatment plan.


You can be stylish and protect your eyes from the sun at the same time. Talk to our staff about sunglasses that come with prescription lenses.

Allergies and Dry Eyes:

It is miserable to suffer from dry eyes or allergy symptoms. We’ll help you find the right treatment plan for seasonal or ongoing eye allergies.

Emergency Services:

When an emergency occurs, it is essential that you seek immediate support from an eye care professional. Call us right away.

Lakeview Eye Care: Convenient, Caring Services


Vision Boutique is here to offer the quality Lakeview eye care services that you need. You’ll be glad you found an optometrist close to home to improve convenience each time you need to visit our office. We offer four locations in the Greater Chicago area, with our nearest office right here in Lakeview.

Custom Services for the Whole Family


One of the benefits of choosing Vision Boutique is that we offer custom eye care services for every member of the family. Exams and treatments are offered for pediatric ages, all the way up to senior citizens in the community.

Are you looking for a Lakeview optometrist that you can trust? Then our professional team is here to assist. Call Vision Boutique to schedule an exam and learn about the services that are offered.

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