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With more than 50 years of experience in the field, our doctors do not simply provide the highest level of vision correction. Drs. Helen, Neil, Margaret, Nelly, Amy, and Nimi have all worked hand in hand with some of the most respected eye surgeons in Chicago and the Midwest. Each doctor is trained and licensed to manage difficult medical issues that may be affecting the eyes. We value a great pair of glasses and the safest, most comfortable contact lenses. But our singular, the most paramount focus will always be your eyes. Definitely the most friendly eye doctors in Chicago, Illinois!

Meet our Doctors and Staff

Leading eye doctors chicago illinois

Dr. Neil Boldus

Doctor of Optometry/Owner

Education: University of Wisconsin – Madison, Illinois College of Optometry

Since moving to Illinois from Wisconsin over 20 years ago, Neil Boldus has proudly adapted to becoming a Chicagoan. When he’s not busy bringing vision to the masses, Neil works on his golf game, but never seems to improve. As a Doctor of Optometry, Neil has a knack for difficult contact lens fits, taking the time and care to improve your vision. He realizes that not all eyes are created equal and will faithfully match your eyes with the correct product. His best tip for your eyes? Wear sunglasses. They protect your eyes and the face around them from damaging UV rays. They’re not just for being cool.


Managing eye doctors in chicago illinois

Dr. Helen Tzanetakos

Doctor of Optometry/Owner

Education: Loyola University – Chicago, Illinois College of Optometry

Helen Tzanetakos has called Chicago home for over 20 years and always made it her goal provide eye care here. Helen wants the world to see you as clearly as you’ll see the world. It’s her ability to connect with patients and to form lasting relationships that she excels in as a Doctor of Optometry. At Vision Boutique, it is Helen’s personal mission to keep your eyes as fashionable as they are clear-sighted. Her best tip for your eyes? Computers cause most contact lens wearers dryness and discomfort. Get your eyes checked every year to make sure you have the best contacts and glasses for the job.


eye doctors chicago illinois

Dr. Malgorzata Kiwacz

Doctor of Optometry

Education: Loyola University – Chicago, Illinois College of Optometry

Born and raised in Krakow, Poland, Malgorzata Kiwacz has made Chicago her home since she was 13. Now, if she isn’t out biking, she’s busy making sure Chicagoans get a picture perfect view of the world. Margaret became a Doctor of Optometry because, in part, she enjoys Pediatrics and working with children. Her best advice is to get kids to have their first eye exam when they can reliably read the alphabet. Being proactive with children will help them be better prepared for the stress their eyes will endure as they enter the wired classroom and beyond.


Dr. Aleksandra Susol

Doctor of Optometry

Dr. Aleksandra Susol, who we lovingly refer to as Dr. Ola, was born in Poland.
She moved to the States as a 1 year old, and was raised in Barrington, IL.

Dr. Ola earned her Bachelor's Degree from DePaul University, and completed her Doctorate Degree at the Illinois College of Optometry. Dr. Ola is passionate about working with kids and education. She has 8+ years of experience teaching swim lessons, and loves teaching patients about their eyes. When she's not working hard, you can find Dr. Ola testing new recipes, and making delicious treats.

Optometry Doctor in Chicago

Dr. Namrata Shah

Doctor of Optometry

Education: Ohio State University

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Namrata (Nimi) Shah earned her Bachelor’s and Doctorate of Optometry degree at Ohio State University. With a passion for learning, she went on to complete a residency specializing in ocular disease at the Cleveland VA Medical Center. In her spare time, when she’s not perfecting vision, she likes to check out Chicago’s food festivals, go for a run on the lake, and travel the world.


Great Optician in Chicago, Illinos


General Manager, ABO Certified

Tiffany has been in the optical industry for 20 years now, with an ABO Certification to add to her hands-on experience. She has been a part of Vision Boutique from the time it all started: 2004. Tiffany’s favorite part of being an optician is helping patients select the perfect frames that highlight their personality. She’s seen that if the frames make them look great, then it makes them feel great! Tiffany likes pushing the limit and getting patients to love frames they normally wouldn't have even tried on.

Tiffany is passionate about sports and all Chicago teams... except the White Sox! She loves being from Chicago because of all the great food, giving her the opportunity to explore the city and try new restaurants. Tiffany loves bowling whether it's Monday night league or traveling to different places for the national tournament every year. High game is 279.


General Manager in Vision Boutique, Chicago, Illinois


General Manager, ABO Certified

Often mistaken to be from the Philippines, but actually born and raised in India, Zuala, or more commonly referred to as "Z", started his optical career almost a decade and a half ago. He joined the Vision Boutique family in early 2011, while still managing a different optical store. He came on board full-time later that year as the manager of our then newest location in Lakeview.

Z has been a board certified optician since 2007. His love for the field stems beyond just styling his patients with the latest trends and technology in lenses; he loves the theoretical components of optics, and the manufacturing process as well. He heads our 3 labs, training any and all interested staff to be able to produce patient's glasses. Combine all that with his managerial skills, you could very well say he is a jack of all trades!

With his very down-to-earth personality and laid-back style, you can always count on Z to make you laugh, or reel you into some silliness (when appropriate!). It is no wonder the staff confide in Z, and feel he is a great advocate for them. Outside of work, he likes long walks on the beach with his wife and dog....OK, maybe not, but he is pretty much down to do almost anything.



ABO Certified

Lynette joined us in Chicago after 28 years as an Optician in New York and New Jersey. She is passionate about eyewear for its utility, form, and fashion. She wants customers to love their eyeglasses!
Whenever she gets the chance, Lynette loves to travel and experience new cultures and cuisines.



Born and raised in the Logan Square/ Humboldt Park neighborhoods of Chicago; Cynthia has been working in the optical field in between her breaks during undergrad for the past two years. She enjoys greeting patients with a smile, explaining instruments in the pretest room, and teaching patients how to put on contacts for the first time. Outside of work, Cynthia spends her time attending concerts, checking out neighborhood festivals, and spending time with her family. Cynthia recently earned her degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Go Illini!), she plans on applying to and attending Optometry school.



ABO Certified

Ariele was born and raised in Northwest Indiana and is excited to bring her knowledge of the region community into the Saint John, IN location. She graduated from Purdue University Northwest in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in English. She has dabbled in many industries including teaching, customer service, and finances. This is her first opportunity to work in the optical field, and she is currently studying to obtain her certification through the American Board of Opticianry. Her favorite part about being an optician is encouraging patients to be open to trying new styles. She loves watching patients’ faces light up when they find the pair of glasses that works for them! In her spare time, she enjoys keeping up with her favorite shows on Netflix and Hulu and expressing her creativity through painting, drawing, and photography.



Johanna was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She has spent the last eight years working customer service in different states, and she loves to meet new people. She recently moved to Chicago, and is excited for the summer. Johanna absolutely loves a good cup of coffee, and in her free time she enjoys painting. She also loves spending time with her two cats, Theodore and Ethan.



ABO Certified

Brooke has been in the optical business for 10 + years working with both ophthalmology and optometry practices. She feels the right pair of glasses not only changes how you see, but can boost your self confidence and improve how you feel. Brooke is a Chicago native. She loves spending time outdoors hiking and kayaking with her family and friends.



Yaxeni really enjoys traveling and seeing what memories different cities have to bring. She was born and raised in Chicago and began her 1+ years of optical experience in San Diego. She then transitioned her move from sunny SoCal, to upstate NY. Yaxeni is really good at styling patients into pairs of glasses that can bring out their confidence and best selves. She is excited to continue in the industry of optical work and cannot wait for what the future holds!

When she isn't immersing herself in her optical work, she loves diving into her passion for real estate, running, and enjoying a good eat out with friends. She is currently in the process of getting her real estate license and hopes to one day be able to rebuild the neighborhoods in the Southside of Chicago and donate to Chicago Public Schools.



ABO Certified

Brianna recently moved to Chicago from Pennsylvania and she already feels at home! She has more than 2 years in the optical industry and loves helping patients find their perfect frames. In her spare time she enjoys doing upholstery and spending time with her husband and two cats, Koko and Poki. Brianna is also an avid reader and horse enthusiast.



ABO Certified

Jackson is originally from Greensboro, North Carolina where he graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. Jackson has worked in the customer service industry for over seven years and loves using his experiences to help patients. Styling patients in the perfect eyewear that they absolutely love is Jackson's favorite part of working with Vision Boutique. When not at work, Jackson loves singing and shopping. Interesting fun fact about Jackson is that he loves gymnastics and competed in Power Tumbling for the United States National Team for 4 years and earned a bronze medal at the 2015 World Trampoline and Tumbling Gymnastics Championships in Denmark. Jackson is also a father to two adorable Chihuahua Maltese puppies.




Kai was born in the southside of Chicago, but moved to Phoenix, AZ where she spent most of her adolescence and early adulthood. She recently moved back to Chicago at the end of 2021 and discovered Vision Boutique. This is her first time in the optical field, but she has deep roots in customer service and hospitality. As a technician, Kai is the doctor's right-hand woman and does all pre-screening and tests for them.

Kai is lovingly referred to as the office's personal Ms. Cleo because she is very into zodiac signs and astrology. Outside of doing everyone's birth charts, Kai is very into baking, writing to one of her 25+ penpals and interior design.

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