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Helping Patients is Our Passion

With more than fifty years of combined experience in the Optometry field, our staff of Optometrists provide more than just routine eye exams. Our team of passionate eye care professionals have cutting edge, industry-leading experience with some of the most well known and respected eye care practitioners in the country. Each of our Optometrists are trained to handle many specialty medical issues affecting your eyesight, and we will always keep your health and wellness at the forefront of your care. Beyond your glasses is your most valuable sense; eyesight. Our team will always ensure world-class service and cutting edge technology to ensure you continue seeing the best version of the world possible. Our team is guaranteed to provide you with the best eye doctor experience ever. Stop in to experience it yourself today!

Meet our Doctors

Leading eye doctors chicago illinois

Dr. Neil Boldus

Doctor of Optometry/Owner

Education: University of Wisconsin – Madison, Illinois College of Optometry

Since moving to Illinois from Wisconsin over 20 years ago, Neil Boldus has proudly adapted to becoming a Chicagoan. When he’s not busy bringing vision to the masses, Neil works on his golf game, but never seems to improve. As a Doctor of Optometry, Neil has a knack for difficult contact lens fits, taking the time and care to improve your vision. He realizes that not all eyes are created equal and will faithfully match your eyes with the correct product. His best tip for your eyes? Wear sunglasses. They protect your eyes and the face around them from damaging UV rays. They’re not just for being cool.


Managing eye doctors in chicago illinois

Dr. Helen Tzanetakos

Doctor of Optometry/Owner

Education: Loyola University – Chicago, Illinois College of Optometry

Helen Tzanetakos has called Chicago home for over 20 years and always made it her goal provide eye care here. Helen wants the world to see you as clearly as you’ll see the world. It’s her ability to connect with patients and to form lasting relationships that she excels in as a Doctor of Optometry. At Vision Boutique, it is Helen’s personal mission to keep your eyes as fashionable as they are clear-sighted. Her best tip for your eyes? Computers cause most contact lens wearers dryness and discomfort. Get your eyes checked every year to make sure you have the best contacts and glasses for the job.


eye doctors chicago illinois

Dr. Malgorzata Kiwacz

Doctor of Optometry

Education: Loyola University – Chicago, Illinois College of Optometry

Born and raised in Krakow, Poland, Malgorzata Kiwacz has made Chicago her home since she was 13. Now, if she isn’t out biking, she’s busy making sure Chicagoans get a picture perfect view of the world. Margaret became a Doctor of Optometry because, in part, she enjoys Pediatrics and working with children. Her best advice is to get kids to have their first eye exam when they can reliably read the alphabet. Being proactive with children will help them be better prepared for the stress their eyes will endure as they enter the wired classroom and beyond.


Optometry Doctor in Chicago

Dr. Namrata Shah

Doctor of Optometry

Education: Ohio State University

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Namrata (Nimi) Shah earned her Bachelor’s and Doctorate of Optometry degree at Ohio State University. With a passion for learning, she went on to complete a residency specializing in ocular disease at the Cleveland VA Medical Center. In her spare time, when she’s not perfecting vision, she likes to check out Chicago’s food festivals, go for a run on the lake, and travel the world.


Dr. Diana Li

Doctor of Optometry

Dr. Diana Li's passion for eyes started from a very young age, when she got her first pair of glasses at 4 years old. As a result, she always emphasizes the importance of annual eye health exams as well as early diagnoses of eye issues. Dr. Li specializes in primary care optometry but is also skilled in diagnosing and managing ocular diseases including: glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts. She believes that preventative care is essential to long-term eye health and strives to provide a warm and personalized experience for each patient.

Dr. Li is originally from New Jersey and moved to the Midwest for her education. She received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and her Doctorate from the Illinois College of Optometry.

Outside of the office Dr. Li enjoys exploring new restaurants and playing recreational badminton. She has a soft spot for sweets and can usually be found lurking near new dessert spots!

Dr. Katarina "Kat" Ivanovic

Doctor of Optometry

Education: Loyola University Chicago - Illinois College of Optometry

Kat Ivanovic was born in Northwest Indiana, but has called Chicago home for nearly a decade. As a Doctor of Optometry, Kat believes “the eyes are the windows to your health.” Optometry is an artform Kat works at with precision, whether she is creating the perfect glasses prescription, assessing the ocular health of her patients, or providing professional patient care. She strives to deliver a detailed, comprehensive exam to each and every patient. When she’s not in the office, you can find Kat dancing her heart away at several of Chicago’s ballet studios. Life is full of beautiful performances, and Kat’s mission is to help audiences everywhere see the best performances they can.

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