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1. Specialty Contact Lenses


Patients with keratoconus or irregular corneas can now use contact lenses due to incredible advancements in the eye care industry. At Vision Boutique, we offer custom contact lens fittings to determine the right content lens options for your vision correction. These services are unique in the industry, available in our office due to the advanced training completed by our eye doctors.

Our doctors can fit a variety of specialty contact lenses, including:


2. Bifocal Contact Lenses


These contact lenses are created for people with a combination of refractive errors and normal age-related vision decline. Bifocal contacts are commonly used for people over the age of 40. Bifocal contact lenses have two prescriptions located in the same lens. In comparison, multifocal contact lenses contain a range of powers, in the same way, that progressive eyeglass lenses are designed.

These products are available in both rigid gas permeable materials and soft materials. Talk to your eye doctor to compare the benefits of disposable use lenses compared to lenses that are used on an ongoing basis.

3. Scleral Lenses


In the past, you might have been told that you can’t wear contact lenses due to the shape of your cornea. But, the industry has discovered the way to shape the contact lenses to accommodate irregularly shaped corneas. Scleral contact lenses are gas permeable lenses with a large diameter. They are made to cover the whole corneal surface, so the edges of the contacts rest on the sclera (white area) of the eye.

This contact lens fit creates a smooth optical surface, which is beneficial to correct vision problems related to corneal irregularities, such as keratoconus. There is a space between the back surface of the contact lens and the cornea where a fluid reservoir resides. This fluid area can make it possible for people who suffer from dry eyes to wear contact lenses comfortably.


4. Custom Soft Lenses


Many patients prefer soft contacts due to the comfort of these lenses. If your prescription parameters are outside the range created for standard soft lenses, then these custom solutions might be recommended by your optometrist.

A range of options is available in this category of contact lenses, including single vision, multifocal, toric, colors, and more.


5. Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lenses


These contact lenses are designed with durable plastic, made in a way that allows the transmission of oxygen. Even though these lenses have a rigid texture, they are different than the old-fashioned hard lenses that were used for many years. Allowing the oxygen to pass through is an important feature that helps to maintain the health of your eyes. Additionally, many patients find that these contact lenses are comfortable since they have a close fit to the surface of the eye.

These products might be the right fit for patients with a variety of eye conditions, including keratoconus and irregular astigmatism. If you are interested in wearing contact lenses, but you haven’t had success in the past due to the irregular shape of your eye, then contact Vision Boutique right away to schedule a consultation and lens fitting.

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