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What to Expect When Wearing Glasses for the First Time: Beginners Guide


Getting new glasses can be an exciting experience, choosing frames and finally finding a solution to your blurry vision. But wearing glasses for the first time can be a little different than many people initially think. Of course, you expect to slip those new glasses on and be able to see clearly, but your vision isn’t always quite as crisp at first as you may like. 

4 Changes You Might Feel When Wearing Glasses for the First Time


  1. Headaches – During the adjustment period, you may experience headaches. However, they will slowly go away as time goes on and your eyes get used to your new specs.
  2. Tired eyes – Eye strain is one of the biggest complaints people have when they start wearing new glasses. This will also get better with time. 
  3. Dizziness or loss of balance – Some people experience dizziness or even feel slightly off when walking. Talk to your eye doctor if this doesn’t improve after a few days.
  4. Sore nose and ears – Wearing glasses that rub on your nose and behind your ears can cause some discomfort and pain as your skin gets used to something new. 

5 Tips for New Glass Owners


  1. Only wear your new glasses for a few hours to begin – Wearing your new prescription glasses can be uncomfortable. Only wear them for a few hours a day and then increase that time little by little to help you ease into your glasses much better.
  2. Keep your glasses clean – Glasses tend to get dirty often. Keeping them as clean as possible will help you see more clearly as well as keep your glasses looking nice.
  3. Have a specific spot you keep your glasses – Losing your glasses only takes a second. When you take them off to shower or go to sleep at night, having one spot you always put them will save you lots of time.
  4. Move your head and eyes as you normally do – Many people experiencing glasses for the first time don’t move their neck and head like normal. Instead, they tend to move only their eyes to look around. This can cause eye and neck strain as well as make you dizzy. Try your best to proceed as usual.
  5. Give your glasses a fair shot – Although wearing glasses for the first time can feel awkward and irritate your eyes and skin at first, give them a chance to warm up. Once they do, you’ll be so glad you gave your new glasses a chance. 

Your Eyeglass Experts


Vision Boutique is the eyeglass specialist that you can count on to answer any questions and address problems that may arise as you try out your new glasses. Wearing glasses for the first time does take a while to adjust, but we are here for you throughout the process and for years to come. So don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

If you believe you may need glasses, schedule an exam and learn more about healthy vision habits so you can experience great vision throughout your life.


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  • Afton Jackson says:

    Cleanliness really does sound like something that I feel like I should handle well when wearing glasses. A single smudge of dirt could really make it difficult for me to see, especially if it’s in the center of my glasses. After I visit an optician, I’ll make sure that I keep your cleanliness tips in mind.

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