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Have you ever had the thought, “can you breathe through your eyes”? If so, this is the article for you! Funny enough, this is a topic that is talked about in a variety of settings. Let’s look at this crazy possibility and whether it’s really a possibility or just a pure myth.

Can You Breathe Out of Eyes?


Can you breathe through your eyes? In reality, it is impossible. You would never be able to get enough air exchanged through such small and narrow ducts in the eye. Think of it like trying to breathe through a small straw. Could your whole body’s oxygen supply be able to be fulfilled in such a tiny place? You certainly wouldn’t last long on the small amount of air you would get. 

Where Does the Myth Come from?


Who knows where the myth of being able to breathe through your eyes comes from? Maybe it’s from the yoga and meditation practice of “breathing through your eyes,” which is used more as a concept of breathing deep and visualization. Who knows! Where have you heard it from?

Do You Get Oxygen Through Your Eyes?


Our eyes need oxygen to stay healthy and work the way they should. If they don’t get that oxygen they need, you can feel quite a bit of discomfort and pain, experience blurry or cloudy vision, as well as notice the white part of the eyes turning red in color. While your eyes need oxygen, the oxygen they get is not enough to supply all the other cells in your body.

Those who wear contacts are more likely to lack the oxygen that is needed for healthy eyes. So, what can you do to help your eyes out? Here are a few tips:

  1. Simply replace your lenses at the proper intervals for the type of lenses you wear. This could be daily, weekly, or monthly disposable lenses. 
  2. Don’t wear your lenses longer than they should be worn each day. 
  3. Clean your contacts properly with a new cleaning solution and do so with clean hands. Do not soak your contacts in water or run them under the faucet to clear them out. 
  4. Let your eyes have a break from your lenses each day, allowing them to get the oxygen they need. Your eyes need time to “breathe” to stay healthy and provide clear vision.

Advice from the Experts


Can you breathe through your eyes? How do you keep the healthiest eyes and vision possible? These questions and more can be answered with the help of one of our great eye specialists at Vision Boutique. Keep your eyes strong and healthy, providing you with the best possible vision throughout your life. We provide complete care through regular eye exams and educating our patients about healthy vision habits, all in a relaxing and inviting setting. Schedule an appointment today and to learn more about the eyecare services we can provide you and your family.


  • Lance McKenzie says:

    I can breathe through my eyes no joke

  • Julia says:

    The idea of breathing thru your eyes, comes from the fact that a human get release oxygen bubble from inner tissues around the tear duct tissue. This is very real,and can be done by most humans. As a child, I lived a river. All of the children competed to be the one to swim under water the longest.
    It was in this pra tice that we all leaned that under will pressure og holfing ones breth,you could actually blow air bubblez out of your eyes. Later I saw deep sea conch divers on videod,and noticed the had bubble coming from their eyes. Breathing in thru the is mechanically pozsible ,with great effort and minute air intake;
    howexer,exhaling, thru the eye tissue, is more easily achieved, or a natural ability thay reveals itself when you breathing is held.

    ccuring due

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