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After getting new glasses, many people find themselves disappointed and even doubt their eye doctor and the exam that was done. “Do I have the wrong prescription? Why is my vision so fuzzy? Why do my new glasses make me feel cross-eyed? Are these headaches going to go away?” 

Just know that all your concerns are valid, and you’re not alone. There is help on its way. It just might not be how you expected or wanted.

Reason You Feel Cross-Eyed When Wearing Glasses


Many adjustments are happening when you put on new glasses. Your eyes are trying to adjust to new lenses and maybe even new frames, your brain is working to change to a new prescription, and it’s all just too much sometimes. 

Those wearing a new prescription or are entirely new to glasses experience the feeling of going cross-eyed or even having double vision. While you may be concerned about these new happenings, they truly aren’t anything to be worried about. Your eyes and brain are simply working hard to adjust, and once they do, that odd feeling and skewed vision will slowly disappear until you’ll realize it’s gone one day.

Every so often though, a prescription is not what it should be. This will result in double vision or seemingly crossed eyes that won’t resolve themselves until your glasses are fixed with a new prescription. Vision specialists see this most often when the prescription in one eye is very different from the other eye. Talk to your eye doctor if this seems to be an ongoing problem.

How Do You Break in New Glasses Fast?


While there’s not really a way to break your glasses in fast, the best advice is to be sure to wear your new lenses every day. Those who wear their new glasses one day and go back to their old glasses the next are confusing their eyes and brains, trying hard to adjust to something new. Even though discomfort is involved, simply wearing the glasses as directed will break in your new glasses the quickest.

How Can You Tell If Your Glasses Prescription Is Wrong?


In most cases, the prescription in your glasses will be correct. If you find that after two to three weeks, your vision is not improving, make an appointment with your eye doctor. For example, if you are still experiencing headaches, that cross-eyed feeling is not going away, or your eyes seem to be constantly straining, it may be time to have your prescription re-checked.

We Can Help


If you have new glasses and feel like there could be a problem with the prescription, or if you simply have questions about your new lenses, vision boutique can help with any questions and concerns you may have. We are passionate about delivering great eye and vision care, and this results in our patients seeing as well as possible. So if you are asking, “why do my new glasses make me feel cross-eyed?” we are here to help. Schedule an exam or consultation today.

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