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Hearing a noise occasionally when you blink is not uncommon. But exactly why is my eye making noise when I blink, you wonder? It’s a question that many people have most likely thought about but maybe just not asked.

Think about how many times you blink each day or even every hour. Each time you blink, your eyes are coated with tears to keep them hydrated and protect them from any foreign objects that may have made their way onto your eye. When you blink, tiny bits of air can get in-between your eye and eyelids, which can cause a funny cracking sound. Air can also enter the lacrimal sac (the area your tears drain into your nose through). As a result, you may hear a funny noise when you rub your eyes or even blink hard.

What if this noise happens while you’re sleeping? Is a noisy eye when blinking something to worry about? Is it something that makes you feel embarrassed? 

Reasons for Eyes Making Noise When Sleeping


You may not realize it, but many of us stir in our sleep, blinking in the process. You may also rub your eyes either with your hands or against your pillow while you sleep, causing air to move through your eye and nose area, causing a sound. 

Is It Something to Worry About?


While having eyes make a noise when you blink can seem and even feel weird, it’s usually nothing to worry about. You really shouldn’t be embarrassed about it either. It happens to everyone from time to time and is just part of life. 

If you are concerned about the noise your eye is making or other changes with your eyes, be sure to talk with your eye doctor about it. It doesn’t hurt to play it safe, plus you’ll feel better knowing everything is okay.

What to Do About Noisy Eyes When Blinking


Often, when you hear a noise coming from your eyes when blinking, you’ll find yourself blinking even faster to listen to it again and again. All the time, you’re wondering what’s wrong with you and what you should do about it. 

It may sound weird but trying not to think about it is the best thing to do in this case. You’ll eventually calm down and stop blinking, and it will soon resolve itself and go away.

If the noise is happening when you’re rubbing your eyes, do what you can to stop rubbing your eyes. If your need to rub your eyes could be caused by allergies, talk with your doctor to receive treatment.

Eye Specialists That You Can Count On


Vision Boutique is committed to helping our patients achieve optimal eye health through education, regular eye exams, and excellent communication. We are always here to help with any kind of question or concern you have, even if it may seem silly – for example, “why is my eye making noise when I blink?” Schedule an exam and appointment today.

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