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Why Does My Eye Make Noise When I Rub It?


If you’ve ever been tired and started rubbing your eyes, you may have heard a “squeak, squeak” sound. What about when you can’t stand those itchy eyes from your seasonal allergies that are starting to “spring up,” and you rub, rub, rub those eyes to feel better? Squeaking eyes are nothing new, but they may still catch you off guard at times. 

You may have thought, what?! Why does my eye make that noise when I rub it? So, what is actually happening when your eye makes that sound? Is something wrong? Is it normal? Let’s find out more.

Why Eyes Squeak When Rubbing?


Our tears escape through small holes in our eyelids, also called puncta. This can happen when we cry from our body reacting to an allergy or just when we’re tired. Occasionally, the air is pushed through the area in the nasal cavity and lacrimal sac (the tear-producing gland) and out through the puncta, causing that funny squeaking sound you hear when you rub your eyes. It’s all coming from your tears and air! Interesting, right? 

Can Eyes Squeak by Themselves?


Typically, eyes don’t really squeak on their own without the presence of tears and air being quickly forced out of a small area. However, if you are concerned about continued eye squeaking being a symptom of something more, it’s essential to see your eye doctor as soon as possible. There is probably nothing to worry about, but it’s always better to get things checked out and make sure your eyes and vision stay healthy and strong. After all, you’re going to need them for a long while yet!

Is It Okay to Rub Your Eyes?


You really shouldn’t ever be rubbing your eyes at all. But it feels SO GOOD, right? While it’s natural to want to wipe or massage your eyes a little when they’re tired or irritated, it’s easy to give yourself an eye infection unknowingly, especially while at work or out and about, running errands. Dirty hands and eyes are not a great mix!

Besides introducing bacteria into your eye with rubbing, you can also run the risk of scratching your cornea or lens. The result can be untreatable vision loss or, in time, a nasty infection. Something that seems so natural can really cause quite a bit of harm if you do it too much or too hard. 

If you have sore eyes, try splashing them with cool water or take a break and allow yourself to close your eyes for a few minutes and give them a proper recharge.

When to Call an Eye Specialist


If you find yourself rubbing your eyes consistently, finding out the root cause is essential. There could be vision issues, allergies to blame, dry eyes, or a serious eye condition that needs to be properly treated. 

If you are experiencing eye pain, headaches, redness, light sensitivity, and an added need for eye rubbing, schedule an eye exam today. 

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