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Eye pain can be uncomfortable and downright painful. It may cause you to blink often, rub your eyes, or even make you want to keep them closed. So why does it hurt when I move my eyes? Eye pain can happen for all kinds of reasons. Let’s find out more about some of the specific explanations of eye pain and what you can do about it.

7 Reasons for Eyes to Hurt When Moving Your Eyeballs


There are a variety of reasons for your eyes to hurt when you move them around. Some of the most common reasons are:

  1. Foreign matter in the eye – All kinds of things can easily fly into your eye during the day—things like dirt, hair, wood, metal flecks, etc. Usually, if something gets in your eye, extra tear production washes it out quickly, but sometimes things really get stuck, and you need an eye doctor to remove it for you.
  2. Corneal abrasion – It sounds scary but is quite common. A corneal abrasion occurs when the cornea (front cover of your eye) is wounded in some way. 
  3. Headache or Migraine – Many people experience eye pain when they have a terrible headache or migraine. Your eye pain should go away as your headache dissipates.
  4. Pink eye (conjunctivitis) – Pain, redness, burning eyes, and pus are all symptoms of pink eye. It is highly contagious but easily treated.
  5. Corneal ulcer – This happens when an infection is in your cornea. Corneal ulcers can be easily treated with antibiotics.
  6. Sty – These can be very painful! A sty is a sore spot around your eyelid from an infection usually caused by bacteria.
  7. Allergies – Dry, irritated, and painful eyes can be the result of allergies that can be easily treated with allergy medication or by avoiding the allergen altogether. 

Some Home Remedies to Try for Eye Pain


There are many ways to try to alleviate eye pain at home. You can try:

  • Applying a cold, damp rag to your eyes to relieve pain and burning
  • Over the counter eye drops 
  • Resting your eyes periodically when using electronic devices
  • Wearing sunglasses 
  • Drinking plenty of fluids and eating a healthy diet to keep your eyes in prime condition

When to See a Doctor?


Some eye pain can be relieved and treated at home, but others need to be treated by an eye doctor. If you believe you have an infection, see pus or hardened mucous on your lashes, or experience severe pain in your eyes or head, make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. A simple eye condition or infection can get dangerous quickly. 

Our team at Vision Boutique is experienced and knows what to do when a patient asks, “why does it hurt when I move my eyes”? Let us help with your eye pain as well as your routine eye exams. So, schedule an appointment today.

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