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Do you look in the mirror after getting ready in the morning and really like what you see, only to then put on your eyeglasses and notice how small your eyes appear? Why!? “Why do my glasses make my eyes look smaller?” your frustrated mind screams! 

Is it something strange about your pair of glasses and where you bought them? Is it something about your prescription that makes your glasses this way? What can you do to compensate and look the way you want? 

Do Glasses Actually Make Your Eyes Smaller?


Of course, your glasses don’t make your eyes smaller, but depending on your lens prescription, they can definitely change the perception of how big they are. While those who don’t wear glasses regularly may not even know about eyes looking smaller while wearing glasses, those who do are often annoyed at the situation! If one of your eyes requires a much stronger correction than the other, you might even notice one eye appearing smaller than the other.

How Do You Not Make Your Eyes Look Smaller with Glasses?


There are several tricks that you can do to help your eyes appear bigger when wearing glasses. 

  1. Pay attention to the size of frames you buy. The more oversized, often trendy frames are not always the most ideal for someone with a strong lens prescription. Large glasses will only make the small look of your eyes more pronounced. 
  2. Lenses that are aspheric or atoric in design are ideal. This design helps reduce the thickness of your lenses, helping to take away some of the magnification. 
  3. Makeup can also help your eyes appear more prominent with glasses. Try some of these top tips:
  • Keep your eyeshadow neutral in color to brighten up your eyelids and eyes in general.
  • Avoid dark, heavy eyeliner. Instead, blend a soft brown liner for a smoother look.
  • Use a white pencil to add to that “awake” look across your lash line.
  • Brighten underneath your eyes by applying concealer to cover any dark circles.
  • Define your eyes with a coat of mascara.
  • Don’t forget your brows! Make sure they are filled in so they can help frame your eyes and draw your attention to them.

Glasses That Make Your Eyes Bigger


Believe it or not, there really are glasses that can help with your frustrating question, “why do my glasses make my eyes look smaller?” You don’t have to just settle with what you have. 

The eyeglass specialists at Vision Boutique know how to help you choose the best, most flattering glasses for you. Helping our patients look and feel their best is one of our favorite things to do. We not only help with those routine eye exams and maintain the healthiest vision habits possible, but we are also here to help you show your character and individuality with the glasses you wear each day. So don’t put up with anything less. Contact Vision Boutique today to set up an appointment.

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