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Why Do My Eyes Feel Tired When I Wake Up?


“You look tired” is not really what you want to hear from your friends or co-workers. Although it may be said out of concern, it can make you feel like you aren’t looking your best. The “you look tired” comment may be for a good reason. Maybe you’ve been up all night with a sick child, but perhaps you got a great night’s rest. Even when a great night’s rest has been yours, sometimes you can still look in the mirror and ask, “why do my eyes feel tired when I wake up”? 

How Do You Fix Tired Eyes?


Fixing tired eyes can be more challenging than it sounds. While getting enough sleep and maintaining a healthy diet are the best places to start, talking with your eye specialist and other health care providers is a crucial step to take as well to make sure your health is in the best shape possible.

Why Do Your Eyes Feel Heavy in the Morning?


While we hate those dark circles under our eyes, there can be many reasons why they feel tired, even when you just wake up. Here is a list of possible causes to consider:

Allergies – Seasonal allergies or chemical and food allergies can all be included in this list. Allergies can bring swelling, dark circles, itchiness, and tired-looking eyes.

Dehydration – Keeping yourself hydrated not only helps you feel better but look better as well. Try drinking more water each day and see how it changes the look and feel of your eyes and face.

Age – As we all age, our skin changes. Collagen production slows, and our skin thins, making it easier to see blood vessels under the skin. This can make the under part of your eyes look dark and sunken. 

Diet – You are what you eat, right? So watching your diet, drinking enough water, using eye cream to hydrate and help tighten your skin can all help make you look younger and more vibrant.

Eye Strain – If you work on a computer all day long, eye strain is a real part of your day. Blood flow can increase with eye strain, bringing about the look of tired, dark-colored eyes.

Bone Structure – We all were born with different bone structures, some luckier than others. Some people develop dark circles under their eyes easier than others because of it. Everyone is different, and that’s a beautiful thing!

How Do I Relax My Eyes?


Your eyes play a significant role in your day. Therefore, taking time to relax and rest your eyes is essential. Closing your eyes for a few minutes, applying cool compresses, and using artificial tears if they get dry can all be simple ways to help your eyes relax.

Take Care of Your Eyes


Seeing your eye doctor on a regular basis is the best way to take care of your eyes and create healthy vision habits. Get your eye exam scheduled today. We look forward to seeing you!

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