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Have you ever given your eyes a much-needed rest during a long workday? Then, as you close them, you realize there’s quite the colorful phenomenon just waiting for you. If you have ever wondered, “why do I see colors when I close my eyes” you’re not alone! 

But is it normal? Should you be worried about the colors and even shapes that you can see when you close your eyes? Let’s find out the true reason for the crazy light show behind closed eyes and see if it’s something you should be talking to your eye doctor about.

What Does It Mean When You See Colors When You Close Your Eyes?


Most people don’t just see darkness when they close their eyes. Splotches of color or small flashes of color and light can often be seen when closing your eyes. “Why do I see colors when I close my eyes,” you ask? Just because you close your eyes doesn’t mean your eyes and brain shut down immediately. 

This extraordinary occurrence is called phosphene, and it’s believed to appear because of light inside our eyes. This light is naturally produced, and our retina responds to it, and we see color. However, because our retinas don’t know the difference between natural light and self-produced light (biophotonic), our optic nerve will carry on transmitting the signal to our brain, causing the light show we mentioned.

When I Rub My Eyes, I See a Green Circle


Did you ever lay in bed at night as a kid and rub your eyes to see the colors and shapes that appeared? That rubbing stimulates the retina and translates it as light to the brain, resulting in colors. 

On a side note, pushing on your eyes (even through your eyelids) can cause harm and pain to your eyes. Do not push on your eyes just to see pretty colors or shapes. You might be sorry!

Why Do I See Floaters When I Close My Eyes?


Floaters, or what you believe to be floaters, can be seen when you close your eyes because of the same effects we’ve been discussing – phosphene. These “floaters” are often seen through biophotonic light or pressure stimulation on the eyes. 

Typically, these shapes and colors are nothing to worry about but talk to your eye doctor about it in more detail if you are concerned. It’s always a good idea to address changes or questions about your eyesight with your eye specialist whenever you feel the need.

Eye Specialists that Address All Your Concerns


At Vision Boutique, our eye specialists know you have concerns, worries, and questions about your eye health as well as your family’s eye health. We work hard to provide the answers you need and can trust, even if they seem unimportant. For example, “why do I see colors when I close my eyes”? Delivering healthy vision habits through regular eye exams and patient education ensures that our care will exceed your expectations. Schedule an exam today

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