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You work hard to stay fit and healthy. You treat your body the best you can because your busy days require your body to return the favor. But what if you start to have bloodshot eyes after a workout all of a sudden? Are you doing more harm than good to your body? Let’s talk about this seemingly scary phenomenon so you know what it’s all about and what you need to do if it happens to you.

Why Are My Eyes Bloodshot After a Workout?


If you’ve looked in the mirror and noticed you have bloodshot eyes after a workout, you know how strange and scary it is. Your first reaction is most likely, panic! What happened? Are you going to lose your vision? Do you need to rush to the E.R.? The truth is, it’s most likely not something to worry about at all.

Dry eyes that make your eyes look irritated could be one reason for those red eyes. Another reason could be because one of the many tiny blood vessels in the white part of your eye has broken during your workout. This can happen with exertion and straining that can occur during a strenuous exercise session. Many people don’t feel anything different, but others feel like they have a dry, irritated eye when it happens. Either way, the look of your red eyes can cause concern for you and those around you. 

Is It Something to Be Concerned About?


Typically, bloodshot eyes after a workout are not anything to worry about. They will fix themselves with time, and you may not experience them ever again. You should be concerned, however if you notice a sudden change in vision or experience severe pain along with it. If this happens, contact your doctor sooner than later to find out if it’s something that needs to be addressed. 

It’s always better to talk with your doctor about something that you’re worried about than just ignore it and then experience problems later. Being proactive in your own eye care and health will ensure you obtain care when needed as well as safeguard your best life and optimal health.

What Should You Do?


If you are noticing that you have bloodshot eyes after a workout often, be proactive. Try applying artificial tears to your eyes beforehand to see if that helps with potential dry eyes. Focus on blinking more frequently throughout your workout and throughout your day so that your eyes can receive the much-needed moisture and nourishment that comes from it. 

Bloodshot eyes can also be a sign of more concerning conditions, including high blood pressure. Talk with your doctor about your symptoms to be sure it’s not a sign of something that needs to be treated further. 

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