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Why Do Contacts Make My Eyes Tired?


Your days are busy. Rushing kids to school, then working tirelessly at your job only to run home and get your family to their various activities and more. If you are wearing contacts all day long, you might be feeling some serious eye discomfort. So “why do contacts make my eyes tired?” you wonder. Is there anything that you can do about it? Let’s look at why this happens and what you can do to stop it.

Why Do My Contacts Make My Eyes Feel Tired?


With a large majority of adults needing vision correction through glasses or contacts, many people struggle with tired eyes and other uncomfortable symptoms. A large majority of these people are contact wearers. But why?

First and foremost, contacts are foreign objects placed on your eye. Yes, you put them there to help you see better, but until your eyes become more used to them, they will treat your contacts as if they are a piece of dirt or dust that they need to get rid of and flush out. You may find you’re constantly tearing up and need a tissue on hand.

Wearing contacts all day can make your eyes dry, itchy, and red, too – especially if you’re staring at a computer screen all day. This is a problem for many contact users but also one that can easily be resolved through over-the-counter moisturizing eye drops. Just be sure to choose some that are made for contact wearers and ask your eye doctor to be sure they are safe.

If you are new to contacts, take the time to “break them in” by wearing them for only a few hours a day and then slowly increasing that time. This gives your eyes time to adjust to something so new.

How Do I Stop My Eyes from Being Tired with Contacts?


Besides aiding your dry eyes with eye drops and allowing your eyes to adjust to new contacts, there are some other important things to remember to keep your contacts in top condition.

Being vigilant in your daily contact cleaning and nightly storage will make a big difference in how your contacts feel and how well you will see through them. Be sure you are using solutions that are right for your kind of lens. Also, be sure that your lenses are not expired. This can add to the feel and effectiveness of your contacts completely.

Consider If Something Else Is Making Your Eyes Tired


While it may take time and patience to make your contacts work for you, it’s well worth the wait for many. However, if you continue to have tired eyes or other discomforts while wearing your contacts, there may be something else at work. Visit your eye doctor to discuss your symptoms and concerns. 

The eye specialists at Vision Boutique are skilled and trained to answer any questions you might have, including “why do contacts make my eyes tired”? Call to schedule your eye exam today and learn what you can do to establish healthy vision habits today.

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