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Why Are My Eyes So Close Together? Can You Fix This?


We all have different traits about ourselves that we absolutely love and some that we wish were different. But, when you look at your eyes in the mirror and compare them to others, do you find yourself asking, “why are my eyes so close together”? 

What Is the Ideal Eye Distance?


Everyone’s faces are different and certain traits can add or take away from what is considered attractive. According to the National Library of Medicine, the most attractive distance between the eyes is about 46% of the face’s width. Is this truly the ideal eye distance? We’ll let you be the judge.

Are Your Eyes Too Close Together?


You may have always thought your eyes were set close together, but how do you really know? Besides taking a percentage of your face width, another easy trick is to take a measuring tape or a ruler and measure the space between your eyes. Next, measure your eye width. If the distance between your eyes is smaller than the width of your eye, then your eyes are close-set after all.

What Can You Do If Your Eyes Are Too Close Together?


There are some great tips and tricks to help make your eyes seem farther apart than they really are. The following are some of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve the look you want:

  1. Glasses – Pay attention to the style of glasses you wear. If they have a clear bridge, it can make your eyes seem farther apart. Try on different types of glasses and take special notice of how they can change the look of your eyes and face just by changing the color or shape of your glasses.

The eyeglass specialists at Vision Boutique can help assess your eyes and face type and then show you the glasses that would work best to make your eyes appear bigger, brighter, and more beautiful.

  1. Makeup – It’s easy to find all kinds of videos about how to use makeup to change the look of your eyes. These people don’t have the same eye characteristics, though. Try these tips instead:

– Use 2-4 shades of eye shadow. Working from the inside of your eye to the outermost section of your eyelid, dust the lightest color first and the darkest color on the outside edge. Also, try highlighting the inside corner with white eyeshadow or a highlighter to help your eyes appear bigger than they are.

– Only use eyeliner on the outer part of your eyes, and don’t forget the mascara!

– Fill in your eyebrows and try lengthening them to create a bigger eye look as well.

Let the Experts Help!


The eye specialists at Vision Boutique can help you maintain healthy vision habits through regular eye exams, prescribing corrective eyeglasses or contacts for optimal vision, treating any problems that arise and even answering questions such as “why are my eyes so close together”? Call us for more information on all the services we can provide for you and your family.

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