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Why are My Eyes Getting Lighter in Color?


We’ve all seen how our eyes can appear brighter or even deeper just by wearing a particular color shirt or with a change in the light of a room.  But what if your eyes could actually change color?  

Can Your Eyes Suddenly Change Color?


We’ve all wondered how we would look with different color eyes, but what if your eyes could really change color?  Let’s take a look.

The iris (colored part of your eye) changes size depending on the size of the pupil.  When the pupil is exposed to light, it gets smaller, and the iris expands, making your eyes brighter.  When it is dark, the pupil will get bigger to collect as much light as it can to see, so in turn, the iris is smaller and darker in color.  

What Can Cause Your Eyes to Change Color?


Light and the colors around you are not the only explanations for your eyes changing to a darker or lighter hue.  There are many other factors to consider.

When we are born, we usually have light blue or grey eyes.  The melanin level, as well as our genes, are what determines the color our eyes will be.  As we grow older, the melanin level increases, which makes our eyes darker. 

Interestingly enough, your emotions can also play a role.  When you experience different feelings, your body gives off a hormone that changes our pupil’s size.  For instance, when you are happy or mad, your eye color appears more vibrant, but your eyes can appear brighter when you cry.

It shows how connected our body is when we examine how our diet can even influence the color of our eyes.  It has been shown that if you eat spinach or organic honey, your eyes can look brighter.  Fish can make the color of your eyes darker.

Your eye color can also change to a yellow or green hue when you are not feeling well or have various eye diseases.

How Can I Make My Eyes Healthy Naturally?


There are many things you can do to naturally improve your vision and enhance your beautiful eyes, including:

  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet
  • Don’t smoke
  • Get enough sleep 
  • Exercise
  • Wear eye protection in the sun
  • Keep your eyes clean
  • Get your eyes examined regularly

Although maintaining a healthy body doesn’t directly link to the color of your eyes, it can affect your body’s immune system.  Certain diseases and infections that your body can be prone to can cause your eye color to lose its vibrant nature.

What If I Notice a Change in My Eye Color?


Most people have the same unique eye color from the time they are small to when they are older adults.  If you have a noticeable change in the color of your eyes, make sure to talk with your eye doctor. Schedule an eye exam today to learn more about what healthy vision habits look like and what healthy habits you can start on.

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