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What Happens If You Keep Your Eyes Open for Too Long? Is It Harmful?


Have you ever considered what happens if you keep your eyes open for too long? Do your eyes pop out? Does it make it so you can no longer close your eyes? Can your eyes dry out completely?

These thoughts might sound silly, but in your moments of complete exhaustion, you may really wonder if you’re doing harm to your eyes. Let’s explore this interesting idea and find out all the answers you may be speculating about.

How Long Can Someone Hold Their Eyes Open?


We all have different amounts of time that we can hold our eyes open. You may have noticed this while participating in a starring contest in grade school. However, there are things put in place to urge us to close our eyes when they need to be, whether for lubricating reasons or the need for sleep. 

Our eyelids contain muscles that help them open and close all day long. These muscles get tired by the end of the day and need a rest. The urge to close your eyes could be from this muscle fatigue.

Then, you will surely feel the dryness after holding your eyes open for too long. Your eyes are designed to be self-lubricating as we blink. They are not only cleaned in this way, but this protective method is a way to keep the sensitive outer area of your eye (the cornea) moist and provide clear vision. 

Hormones can even be involved in helping you close your eyes when needed. Different chemicals rise and fall in your body over the course of the day, letting you know it’s time to wake up or time to wind down. These changing hormone levels come with the need for sleep, causing you to want to close your eyes.

What Happens If Your Eye Is Open for Too Long?


Many people work long hours, staring at a computer screen, putting their eye health at risk in the process. Keeping your eyes open for too long can dehydrate your eyes which can cause infections, risk of injury, and even vision loss. You didn’t know closing your eyes or even blinking was so important, did you?

Longest Time Anyone Can Keep Their Eyes Open


You may or may not know that 20% of people keep their eyes open all day, including while they sleep. This can lead to blurry vision, eye redness, irritation, itchiness, and sensitivity to light. 

If you feel like your eyes are not getting the rest they need because you are keeping them open for too long, for whatever reason, it’s worth discussing your worries with your doctor. There may be some treatment or tricks that can help your eyes feel more rested, aiding in better vision and an overall better feel. 

Contact Vision Boutique today for more answers to questions like “what happens if you keep your eyes open for too long?” or schedule an eye exam. We are happy to help our patients with all their eye care needs.

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