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1. What are Progressive Contact Lenses?


Many people over the age of 40 find that they struggle reading the print on books, papers, computers, and phones. Do you need to hold these items at arms-length so that you can read the words? Don’t worry; treatment options are available. This condition happens to everyone with age and can be corrected with progressive contact lenses.

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2. Single Vision Lens vs. Progressive Contact Lens


The problem that people encounter is the need to have two pairs of lenses: one pair of glasses for reading and another pair for distance. The solution to this problem was created with bifocals or multifocal lenses that included multiple prescriptions within the same lens. As the eye focused forward or down, the prescription matched the need of the eye for that distance of sight. Even though bifocals or multifocal lenses solved this problem, some patients complained that they didn’t like the way it looked to have a distinctive line in the lenses. Additionally, it can feel disruptive to have a sudden jump in prescription as the eye moves from one section of the lens to another. The latest optometric technology has developed progressive lenses which creates a gradual change on the surface of the lens. You can look through the lens and see the correct power for clear vision at any distance. These lenses are designed without the “bifocal lines,” giving a smooth transition for both near and far vision.

3. Progressive Contact Lenses for Presbyopia


Not only are progressive lenses available for eyeglasses, but this technology can also be added to contact lenses as well. Should you choose progressive contact lenses instead of progressive eyeglasses?

Here are a few reasons why progressive contact lenses are popular:

  • Style: Many people don’t like the stigma of using “reading glasses” because they feel that the glasses indicate a sign of age. You don’t need to emphasize your eye age with bifocals or reading glasses. Instead, maintain your style with contact lenses that are almost invisible to other people.
  • Convenience: It can be inconvenient to carry a pair of reading glasses throughout the day. How many times a day do you put on and take off your reading glasses? It’s even more annoying if you have to switch between reading glasses and regular glasses. This problem can be eliminated during the majority of your day by using progressive contact lenses instead.

4. Are Contact Lenses Right for You?


Instead of making assumptions about the products that should be used for every patient, our goal is to provide a custom experience for everyone who walks through the door. When you schedule an eye exam with our team, we evaluate your eye care needs and help with the identification of the perfect treatment plan based on your needs. Multifocal contact lenses can be designed with both rigid and soft materials. The prescription can be selected with precision to match your vision needs. We will help you identify the products that will ensure your comfort and maximize your vision in all situations throughout the day.

For more information about these treatments, you can contact us at Vision Boutique. We’re here to assist with all of your eye care needs.

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