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1. What are Prism Lenses?


If you are suffering from changes in your vision, then various types of lenses can be considered to improve your eyesight. It doesn’t matter if you are far-sighted or near-sighted; the change in the vision indicates that the light is bending differently within the eye. Sometimes standard lenses can be used, but certain eye conditions require treatment with prism lenses.

Glasses with prism lenses

2. Improving Your Binocular Vision


Not only do you need to have good vision in each of your eyes, but your eyes also need to work together as a team. If the eyes aren’t working in tandem, then you might have an imbalance in the eye muscles that could cause double vision (also known as diplopia) and focus issues.

Often, these symptoms cause you to see overlapping images or separate images. It is common for other symptoms to coincide with double vision, such as eye fatigue and depth perception problems.

There is nothing to worry about if you are experiencing double vision because your optometrist will likely be able to help with a treatment to correct these problems.


3. Prism Correction Lenses


The typical prescription for alleviating this eye muscle imbalance is to use prism correction. Your eyeglass lenses will have an extra feature known as corrective prisms, which are incorporated into the material of the lenses.

As you look at the lenses, you won’t see a physical difference in the shape or appearance of the lenses. But the brain will process images differently when looking through the lenses. These lenses are designed with a slightly thicker base and thinner apex that changes the index of refraction or light-bending properties. The amount of change depends on the needs of the patient and the way the lenses are designed.


4. Why Prism Lenses are Needed


Some people are born with an eye condition that requires prism lenses. For example, the eyes might turn up, down, in, or out. There are even instances where the eyes turn both laterally and vertically at the same time. As a result, it is possible for the patient to experience double vision.

In other instances, double vision develops due to other health concerns. If a person has a stroke or diabetes, then it could result in double vision that needs to be corrected with prism lenses.

Double vision is not only uncomfortable, but it can have a negative impact on your mobility and lifestyle. It is essential to correct this problem as soon as possible to ensure safety and comfort throughout the day.


5. Do You Need Prism Lenses?


Depending on your eye condition, prism lenses might be right for your needs. The best solution is to talk to your eye doctor about your options, instead of assuming that traditional eyeglass lenses will be the best fit.

If you need vision correction lenses, then we invite you to schedule an eye exam with our team. We will determine the right prescription and treatment plan to optimize your vision. Call Vision Boutique for more information. Check our blog.

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