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My Eyes Look Dead: What to Do?


Have you ever been told by a friend, “you look tired”? That would be fine if you had been out partying the night before, but no, you just had a full 8 hours of sleep! So, what can you do about those puffy eyes and dark circles you always seem to have? What about the lifeless look you get in your eyes? What’s the solution to looking vibrant and full of life again?  

Causes of Dead Eyes


There can be many reasons your eyes look “dead.” Anything from lack of sleep to your bone structure can play a part. Knowing the cause is only a portion of what you need to know. How do you treat it?

How to Treat Your Dead Eyes


Because there are several reasons “dead” eyes occur, there are several different ways to treat them. Let’s take a look.

  • Allergies – A person with allergies releases histamine, which causes itching, inflammation, and swelling under the eyes as well as puffiness and dark circles. This can be easily treated with simple allergy medication, and daily cold compresses applied to the eyes. 
  • Hydrate – Drinking more water each day can help your overall health and significantly help you feel and look less tired. Your skin is sensitive to your hydration levels, and the skin around your eyes can especially take a toll if you are dehydrated. 
  • Eye strain – It’s easy for us to experience daily eye strain with all of the computer screens, tablets, and phones we are required to look at each day. Eye strain can cause increased blood flow around your eyes, which causes the look of dark circles and tired eyes. Make sure that you are giving your eyes a break often. And if this doesn’t seem to help enough, it may be time for you to visit your eye doctor to get some glasses to help you out further.
  • Age – Of course, we can do nothing about our age and the dark circles that can come with it. Make sure you apply moisturizer often, and other eye creams, particularly those containing caffeine, retinol, and vitamins C, E, or K, can help immensely.
  • Sleep – If you’re not getting good sleep, sooner or later, your eyes are going to show it. Up your eye “sparkle” by getting a good night’s rest as often as possible.
  • Blue Light – Protect your eyes against the effects of blue light. When you are looking at a screen, use blue light blocking lenses to reduce fatigue. 

Foods for Brighter Eyes


Overall, healthy nutrition and hydration can have the largest ongoing influence on how your eyes look. Making small changes like eating less salt and drinking more water can do wonders for your overall wellness and vibrant look. 

Also, consider adding more omega 3 & 6 to your diet with foods like salmon, flax seeds, chia seeds, and walnuts to keep your eyes looking as healthy as possible. Brighten your eyes by choosing from a variety of healthy foods. 

For more tips on achieving optimal eye health and healthy vision habits, contact us to schedule an exam today.

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