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Here’s How to Increase Fat Under Eyes Naturally


Sunken or saggy eyes can give you an undesired tired, unhealthy look that we all try to avoid. It doesn’t always mean that you have poor nutrition or are lacking sleep, though. Instead, many things can contribute to the dark sunken eye appearance many of us experience. 

Discovering the “why” is vital so that we can either avoid additional sagging or any sagging, to begin with. Looking into the treatments of this condition can be just as important to someone dealing with this condition daily. 

Why Eyes Become Saggy


While sagging or sunken eyes can be a direct result of someone’s nutrition and healthy way of life, there could be other contributing factors as well, including:

  • Sleep issues
  • Aging
  • Weight loss
  • Smoking
  • Genetics
  • Allergies
  • Dehydration
  • Nutrition lacking important vitamins
  • Overexposure to the sun
  • Injury
  • Sinus infections

How to Make Eyes Look More Full


There are ways to tighten your skin on your own at home as well as through medical procedures done by your doctor. Increasing fat (or the appearance of it) under your eyes naturally can include:

  • Over-the-counter (OTC) products: Applying these products topically on your face, especially around the eyes, can help moisturize and tighten the skin by encouraging collagen production. This can help give you a more plump and vigorous appearance.
  • Sleeping 7-9 hours: Getting quality sleep consistently each night does not only contribute to your overall health, but it will give your skin and eyes a healthy glow that even the best cream can’t compete with.
  • Hydrate your body: Hydrating yourself through drinking water as well as consuming foods that hydrate your body can help reduce the look of saggy, sunken eyes in a highly healthy and natural way.
  • Relax: Making sure you relax and participate in activities that help you de-stress can reduce the stress hormones in your body, leading to disruption of regular body processes and a breakdown of collagen production. Your mind, body, and sagging eyes can benefit from this one!

Medical Measures for Making Eyes Fuller


Procedures like plastic surgery can present you with a dramatic change much faster and more permanently than any cream could ever offer. Choosing to have a medical procedure is a big decision and is obviously not a natural way to increase fat under your eyes. It’s usually expensive and can require you to miss work for recovery and office visits as well. 

If you choose to go this route, make sure you find a well-known doctor that is experienced and skilled in performing the procedure you will be having.

Caring for Your Skin and Eyes


Ultimately, sunken or sagging eyes can be annoying and sometimes difficult to deal with. A large percentage of the population will experience it to some degree, though. We are all imperfect somehow, and embracing those imperfections makes us unique and beautiful. 

Make sure that you are prioritizing the care of your body, skin, and vision. We would love to assist you in learning about healthy vision habits and more. Call us today to schedule an eye exam.

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  • Ella says:

    Sunken eyes (superior sulcus) in the upper eyelid, is also caused from loss of orbital fat. How to naturally restore orbital fat? This is the question.

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