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You’ve been waiting so long for your new glasses to arrive. Excitingly, you slip them on and run to look in the mirror. Wait, everything is blurry! You just paid how much money for WORSE vision?!

While this might be your first reaction to your new glasses, it’s completely normal. Many people aren’t quite prepared for the blurry vision and eye strain, but your eyes need time to adjust to a new prescription, whether a big or small change. So how long does it take for your eyes to adjust to new glasses? Let’s find out!

Why You Feel Discomfort with New Glasses


There can be all kinds of discomforts and bothersome issues while you get used to your new specs. Some of these problems you may experience include:

  • Eye strain – Your eyes might feel tired after wearing your new glasses, especially on the first day. 
  • Blurriness – Your vision will probably not be as sharp as you would like. You’ll notice this more after you put them on for the first time.
  • Lack of depth perception – You probably won’t have very good depth perception as you’re getting used to your new glasses.
  • Headaches – You may experience headaches that come with eye strain, but if you continue to have them past the first couple of days or if they get worse, contact your doctor.

How Long for the Discomfort to Go Away?


It can be hard to be patient and keep wearing your new glasses even though you don’t feel like you’re getting used to them very quickly. The good news is that the uncomfortable vision issues are only temporary. Your brain is making the change and adjusting to your new prescription and even your new eyeglass frames. 

Most people only take two to three days to adjust to their new eyeglasses fully. In very rare instances, it could take up to two weeks. This is especially if your prescription changes significantly, you’re switching to progressive lenses or moving from a large frame to a much smaller one. 

How to Make Eyes Adjust to New Glasses Faster


The best thing you can do to adjust to your new eyeglasses is simply wear them. This helps your eyes and brain adapt more quickly to their new normal. Be especially vigilant in wearing them in the morning after your eyes have had time to rest. 

Push through the minor discomforts, and you’ll be glad you did. Soon, you’ll be styling those new glasses and won’t even realize you’re wearing them, except for the stellar vision you are now enjoying!

Your Reliable Eyeglass Specialists


If you’ve had changes to your vision and believe that you either need a change to your eyeglass prescription or need glasses in the first place, Vision Boutique can help. We help with all kinds of questions, including “how long does it take for your eyes to adjust to new glasses?” 

Schedule your eye exam and meet with an eye specialist for more information on developing healthy vision habits and achieving your best vision.

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