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Hazel Vs. Brown Eyes – How Are They Different?


There are so many beautiful blue, brown, and green shades that we see in people’s eyes if you just take the time to stop and really look. You may often see hazel eyes and wrongly assume they are just brown Beyes. Hazel eyes are actually quite rare, though, so you don’t see them as often. But when you do, they are beautiful! 

So, if we are always mistaking hazel eyes for brown eyes, what makes them the same, and what makes them different? Let’s answer some of these questions so that you no longer have problems knowing what hazel eyes really look like!

Are Hazel and Brown Eyes the Same?


Brown and hazel eyes are both from the same brown family, but hazel contains other colors. With so many different shades of brown and green, the different intensities and combinations of hazel eyes could go on forever. Also, brown eyes contain more melanin than any other eye color, with hazel eyes following close behind. This helps brown and hazel eyes to be more protected from the sun. 

Whether you are all about hazel vs. brown eyes or just want to know what the differences are, each has its own benefits as well as beauty. They are both extremely desirable eye colors as we continue to see all kinds of differences and similarities within this color family across the world.

How These Colors Appear on Eyes


The color of brown and hazel eyes often shows up not just as solid colors but sometimes as flecks or rings of color. These variations can be so exciting and amazing to see up close! 

Next time you talk to someone, look at their eye color and the unique spots, flecks, and other characteristics that make them beautiful. No one person is alike, and because there are up to 16 genes at play when forming our eye color, kids can have completely different colored eyes than their parents. It’s fascinating when you think about it!

Which Is Rarer?


Hazel eyes are by far more rare than brown eyes. In fact, more people have brown eyes than any other color throughout the world. This being said, there are more variations of brown eyes than any other color as well. These variations are caused by different genes on different chromosomes that we inherit from our parents and those family members who lived before them. 

Answering All Your Questions


The eye and vision experts at Vision Boutique are ready for any questions you might have about hazel vs. brown eyes and more. We are experienced in educating our patients on creating healthy vision habits as well as helping you live your best life through a clear, vibrant, and strong vision no matter your age. The beginning of those healthy vision habits includes regular eye exams and checkups. To get started, call us to schedule an appointment today.

We look forward to seeing you!

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