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Does Wearing Glasses Improve Your Eyesight?


Wearing glasses or contacts is a necessity for many. Some wear them all day long. Others have a pair of glasses just for reading or other up-close work. There are also glasses available that protect against the blue light of digital screens. The trend has even been to wear glasses that don’t have prescriptions in them at all. 

Could all of these different glasses improve your eyesight, or could they make your vision worse because your eyes rely on corrective lenses so much? Let’s take a deeper look.

Will My Sight Improve Enough to Stop Wearing My Glasses?


Your eyeglasses will obviously improve your eyesight when you’re wearing them. Still, as for improving or “fixing” your eyes so that you eventually don’t need glasses, that will not happen. 

The structure of your eye is what affects your visual capacity. Glasses actually counteract any physical irregularities of your eye to help you see better. So, when you wear your glasses, your visual perception is what changes, not your physical vision. Therefore, your actual eyesight (when not wearing glasses) is not improved.

Is it Good to Wear Glasses All the Time?


If you wear glasses each day, you may have wondered if it’s okay to wear them all day long. Should you be giving your eyes a rest at some point? The answer depends on the reason that you are wearing glasses in the first place. 

Your doctor is the best person to ask about this. Your eye care specialist will know why you have glasses and what type of glasses you have. Follow the direction of your doctor. 

A good rule of thumb is if you are most comfortable wearing your glasses throughout the day, then do it. If you only need them for reading up close or seeing things a little farther away for driving, there probably isn’t a need for them all day long.

You’ll find that when you wear your prescription glasses correctly, you won’t have headaches or tired eyes anymore. When you don’t wear them as intended, you will notice headaches and eye strain and eventually even have to squint to see clearly.

Will My Eyesight Get Worse if I Don’t Wear Glasses?


Does wearing glasses improve eyesight or make it worse? As discussed earlier, when the correct prescription eyeglasses are worn, your vision will be better while wearing them. Your actual sight is not getting better or worse when you don’t have your glasses on either. 

You will, however, experience eye strain, headaches, blurry vision, and overall discomfort if you are not wearing glasses when you need them.

How Long Does It Take Glasses to Correct Vision?


Once you receive your new prescription glasses, it can take up to two weeks for your eyes (or your brain) to properly manage the images it is now seeing and interpreting.

If you think you may need glasses or are experiencing headaches, tired eyes, or are straining to see clearly, call to schedule an eye exam to find out how we can help. 

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