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Do Your Eyes Roll Back When You Blink?


Have you ever tried to watch what your eyes do when you close them or blink quickly? Do your eyes roll back when you blink, or do they stay put? If you’ve tried this little exercise, you know that it’s impossible to see what really happens. We are here today to get to the bottom of your questions. Let’s get some answers!

Why Do My Eyes Roll Back When I Blink?


Blinking is an integral part of our eye health. It keeps our eyes moistened and has been shown to keep our vision steady and stable. We all blink every few seconds, and our eyes roll back when we do. And then our brain automatically repositions our eyeballs to keep focusing on what we were looking at before we blinked. Sometimes that repositioning can be a little off and require another second to realign, as you may have noticed from time to time. 

Think about how much realigning our brains are constantly doing as we move around each day. We look at so many different things, and it’s not just when we are standing still. We are walking, running, or just moving our heads around constantly. Our eyes and brains are working overtime! Pretty impressive, right? 

Do Your Eyeballs Move When You Blink?


Absolutely! As we discussed above, when you blink, your eyes are re-moistened, but our brain is also realigning them. Our brain constantly predicts and adapts to the things you’re looking at as you blink, close your eyes, and move around quickly. This keeps our vision clear and steady, making our surroundings constant and not jumping or moving around. 

What Happens to Your Eyes When You Blink?


We blink so many times each day without even thinking about it. It’s how our eyes protect themselves, re-hydrate, as well as clean themselves. 

You’ve probably noticed that when you’re staring at the t.v. or computer screen, you don’t blink as much, and your eyes become irritated and tired quickly. Making an effort to give your eyes a rest during these times can make a big difference in how your eyes will feel now and even an hour from now. 

Take Care of Your Eyes Now!

Doing small things to help your eyes be and stay healthy is worth more than you might think. Your eyesight is such a precious thing and something that many of us take for granted. 

Teaching healthy vision habits as well as answering many fun questions like “do your eyes roll back when you blink?” is what the eye specialists at Vision Boutique thrive on. We take pleasure in knowing we are helping our patients learn how to take care of their eyes and vision now and years from now. So let us guide you and your family to the path of healthy vision and eye health today. Schedule an eye exam and speak with one of our skilled providers.

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