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Have you ever seen someone sleep with their eyes open? Maybe your baby or a young child has been caught snoozing with their eyes completely or partially open. It’s sure to throw you off a little! So, we know that it happens, but do you blink when you sleep with your eyes open? 

The Issues of Sleeping with Eyes Opened


It sounds so simple – sleeping with your eyes opened. What could possibly go wrong, right? Why would we need to close our eyes anyway? Keeping your eyes shut while you sleep is a way that your eyes protect themselves. Blinking is another source of protection and rehydration. When you sleep with your eyes open, blinking typically does not occur, causing several issues.

Injury to the eye, including scratching the eye, can accidentally happen while sleeping with your eyes open, and a small injury can lead to infections and other problems. If it’s a long-term issue, your eyes can become irritated, and you can develop ulcers and scarring on areas like your cornea. 

Those that sleep with their eyes opened often have problems getting a good night’s rest too. This is because when you sleep with your eyes open, your eyes can still respond to light, movement, and other stimuli, keeping you from falling into a deep sleep and getting the rest you need.

How to Protect Your Eyes If You Sleep with Them Open


If you are someone that sleeps with your eyes open, you most likely won’t suffer any serious side effects. Eye dryness is the main problem people face, and this can easily be remedied with over-the-counter eye moistening drops. Also, try running a humidifier in your room to keep the air moist.

Sleeping with an eye mask over your eyes can help keep them a little more moistened and help you achieve that deep sleep that your body desires. 

Some people have even been known to tape their eyes shut with surgical tape to keep them closed during those blissful sleeping hours. You do what you have to do, right?

Still, others find themselves opting for surgery to help correct the problem or even implant weights in the eyelid to help add weight, making them close on their own. It sounds drastic, but imagine not being able to keep your eyes closed at night! You might get to the point that you’d try anything too!

When to See a Doctor


If you have been told that you sleep with your eyes open, or if you suspect that you do because of eye irritation or dryness, talk to your doctor about things you can do to help. 

The eye specialists at Vision Boutique are here to help you answer questions like “do you blink when you sleep with your eyes open?” and more. Schedule an eye exam and discuss how to achieve healthy vision habits, keeping your eyes healthy and strong for years to come.

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