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Do Dry Eyes Make Floaters Worse? Here’s What to Know


Have you ever had a spot suddenly appear in your vision? Maybe it looks like a dark spot or a string that floats around as you move your eyes. These spots seem to dart away as you try to look at them, making you wonder if you are seeing things that don’t exist! These are called floaters. Most people experience them from time to time, especially as we age. 

If you also suffer from dry eyes throughout the day, maybe you’ve considered a connection between floaters and your eye dryness, but do dry eyes make floaters worse? Let’s find out more about their possible link.

Does Dehydration Make Floaters Worse?


A gel-like tissue fills your eye behind the lens called the vitreous humor. It is made up of 98% water, so you can imagine what being dehydrated can do in this area of your eye. The vitreous humor can shrink or change shape if you’re not drinking enough water. 

The number of floaters may increase because the proteins in the gel-like tissue of your eye become solid instead of dissolving like normal. So staying hydrated is important for all kinds of health reasons, even your eye health!

Does Drinking Alcohol Make Floaters Worse?


We all know that drinking too much alcohol can be damaging to your health, but did you know that it can also cause early aging to the vitreous humor tissue in your eye as well? When this happens, your body can activate and trigger the development of floaters in your eyes. 

Making a change to the amount of alcohol you consume can make a big difference in your eye health and overall health and wellbeing. 

Could Stress and Anxiety Be Adding to the Problem?


It’s incredible to think that having high levels of stress and anxiety could be triggering eye floater development. But, it’s just another reason to find coping techniques that can help you manage your stress each day. For example, try exercise, yoga, meditating, or taking a walk to help you release some tension. You never knew controlling your stress and anxiety could improve your eye health too! 

Do Eye Drops Help with Floaters?


Unfortunately, there are no eye drops that can help treat floaters. The good news is most eye floaters do not require any kind of treatment. They may be annoying, but you’ll soon get used to them and probably won’t even notice them most of the time. 

If you notice an increase in floaters or have floaters that are too bothersome to ignore, your eye doctor may suggest surgery to remove them. But be aware there is a substantial risk that comes with that option. 

Find Answers to Your Questions


If you have any questions about floaters, eye dryness, or other eye issues you may be experiencing, call us to schedule an appointment and get the answers you are seeking. Also, contact your eye specialist immediately if you notice the quantity or frequency of eye floaters has suddenly increased. This can be a warning sign of something more serious that requires quick action. 


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