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Contact Lenses Care Tips – Reduce the Risk of an Eye Infection

Contact lenses are a great solution if you want to enjoy vision correction benefits without wearing eyeglasses. There are a variety of lens types that can be used for specific eye diseases and conditions. The best solution is to schedule an eye exam with a Chicago optometrist to get personalized recommendations.

First, a comprehensive eye exam needs to be completed. Then, we can do a contact lens fitting to identify the right type of lens that you should be wearing. Once you have a prescription and type of lens, then we can offer specific care recommendations for the products that you are using.

Cleaning Instructions for Contact Lenses

It is important to note that cleaning instructions are not only suggestions. These tips need to be followed consistently so that you can protect your eyes and reduce the risk of infection. Here are a few details that are important for your eye health:

  • Use warm water and gentle soap to wash your hands before touching your eyes or the contact lenses
  • Wash the contact lenses and the case with the provided care solution to reduce the risk of bacteria
  • Rub the contact lenses with your fingertips gently using fresh cleaning solution
  • Always rinse the contact lenses with solution after cleaning
  • Don’t store your contact lenses in water
  • Use a fresh contact lens case every three months
  • Never reuse contact lens solution for storage or cleaning
  • Throw away the lenses after you have used them for the recommended length of time
  • Never share your contact lenses with other people

Our team at Vision Boutique will provide detailed instructions based on the types of lenses that you are using. You should always follow these guidelines to reduce the risk of infection and irritation while you are wearing contact lenses. You will find that the contacts are more comfortable and you can avoid serious infections that might harm your vision.

Contact Lenses and Your Lifestyle

When you are discussing contact lens options with your optometrist, then it is important to consider your lifestyle. This conversation will help us choose the lenses that fit your preferences.

For example, do you maintain a regular morning and evening routine, such as brushing your teeth and washing your face? If you are consistent with other hygiene habits, then it will be easy to add contact lens care to the routine.

But, if you often fall into bed without hygiene practices at night, then you need contact lenses that are simple to use. Disposables might be the best solution to eliminate the need to clean the lenses before you go to sleep.

Choosing the Right Contact Lenses for Your Vision

The best solution to get the right contacts for your vision is to schedule an exam with an experienced optometrist in Chicago. At Vision Boutique, we provide three convenient locations to make it easy for you to visit an eye doctor in the area. Call us today to schedule an appointment and learn about the products that are available for your vision correction.

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