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Can You Wear Contacts on a Roller Coaster?


You’re getting ready to enjoy the sun with your friends and family at the closest theme park. It’s exciting, and you’re ready to go. All of a sudden, you think about your glasses or contacts that you usually wear each day. What if your glasses get lost or fall off and break on those wild rides? Are contacts a better option? The decision can be confusing! Let’s look at the pros and cons of both choices.

Can You Wear Glasses on Roller Coasters?


You may think that glasses would be a good option when it comes to roller coasters. The problem is they can easily fall off and be gone for good or, at the very least, break. 

Many theme park rides require you to remove your glasses before you ride their rides unless you are able to show that they are secured. Some will altogether refuse to let you bring them on a ride at all. This, of course, really limits your ability to see what’s going on and can cheapen the whole experience.

If you are able to keep your glasses on during the ride and keep them secured to your body somehow, this is probably the best option, especially if you are used to wearing glasses all day.

Can You Wear Contacts on Water Rides?


When you first get your contacts, your doctor will warn you to keep your contacts away from any water. There are different kinds of chemicals, viruses, bacteria, and other things that can attach themselves to your contacts, and in turn, attach themselves to your eyes, giving you an eye infection or worse.

It’s easy to think about the excellent vision you usually have with your contacts and how much easier water rides, swimming, and other water activities could be with them. It’s best to play it safe, though, and keep your eye health at the top of your priority list.

Can You Wear Contact Lenses on Theme Park Rides?


Contact lenses may be the most obvious choice for most theme park rides, but can you wear contacts on a roller coaster?

Contacts will probably not fall out or get lost and break on a fast ride as glasses can. If you’re not used to wearing them, the sudden switch from glasses to contacts can be intense. You have to work at putting your contact lenses in just right. Now add fast rides, wind rushing in your face, and water being splashed here and there. Your eyes are sure to get irritated and dried out.

If you are insistent on wearing contacts to the theme park, at least bring a pair of glasses with you just in case your eyes get tired or too irritated. That way, you’ll be able to switch them out quickly and easily. 

Carefully consider your glasses and contact options and what will best for you. Your eye health is essential and adequately viewing your surroundings is vital to your having fun and enjoying your day. 

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