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Can Twins Have Different Eye Colors?


Identical twins are exactly the same in every way, right? Although this is often thought to be the case, it’s not true at all. In fact, even identical twins are not completely identical. 

The DNA in identical twins is the exact same, but many things can play a part in how each twin looks, especially as they grow older. Have you ever met a set of identical twins that have their own unique characteristics? Sometimes, it’s not hard to tell them apart at all. Other times, even the twin’s mother can’t keep her kids straight.

Nature vs. nurture is a common phrase you may have heard of and may have a lot to do with the differences you may find in twins. It has to do with your genes and what you were born with (nature) versus how your environment and what you learn (nurture) influence you. 

Obviously, genes play a huge role in twins looking the same, but the nurture side of things plays a bigger role through time. This includes how each twin eats, how active they are, and the different things each of them experiences in life. All these things can change how a person looks.

So, if there are so many similarities but also differences to factor in, can twins have different eye colors, or are they always the same? What about other characteristics? 

Possibility of Twins Having Different Eye Colors


The possibility of identical twins having different eye colors is extremely rare. Fraternal twins (developing from 2 separate sets of egg and sperm) however can most definitely have different eye colors as they only share about 50% of their DNA with their twin, just like any other siblings do. Fraternal twins may look nothing alike, in fact. They can have different hair colors, eye colors, and even skin colors, among other things. “Twin” can obviously be a loaded word.

Can Identical Twins Have the Same Eye Color?


While identical twins (resulting from a single egg that splits into two) can be different sizes in height and weight, having the same eye color will almost always happen. This happens because eye color occurs mostly from nature or from our genes when we are born. So height and weight are affected by both nature and nurture (genes and the environment). Pretty interesting, right?

Can Twins Get Heterochromia?


Heterochromia is a unique phenomenon where one eye (or a segment of the eye) is a different color from the other eye. This extraordinary event doesn’t often happen in the general population. While it is possible in twins, it is very rare, and we don’t see it as a regular occurrence by any stretch. It can happen, though, and is quite fascinating when it does.

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