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Can I Use My Phone After Eye Dilation? Is It Safe?


If you’ve been to the eye doctor for a checkup, you’ve probably been lucky enough to have your eyes dilated. While dilating your eyes is helpful for your doctor to get a better look at the back of your eyes and give you a more comprehensive exam, it’s not super helpful to you as the patient after you leave the office. There are some things you should and shouldn’t do after your eyes are dilated, but people often ask, “can I use my phone after eye dilation”? Let’s find out!

Why Is It Harmful to Use Phone after Eye Dilation?


Your eyes are much more sensitive to light after they are dilated, especially sunlight. In addition, phones and other digital screens put off a blue light which can cause added eye strain. Try to limit how much you use your phone until your pupils go back to normal to avoid making your eyes feel tired and uncomfortable. It may seem impossible to stay off your phone for a few hours, but protecting your eye health should take priority. Plus, you might find that it’s kind of nice!

What Else Should You Not Do After Eye Dilation?


Your eye doctor will give you some huge disposable sunglasses to wear as you leave their office. This is to help avoid eye damage from the sun. When your eyes are dilated at the doctor’s office, your pupils are not able to react to the bright sun and naturally contract to protect your eyes. Because of this, you need to be extra careful in the sun until your pupils are back to normal.

Blurry vision is another result of eye dilation and may be the most annoying part. Trying to read a book or letters on the computer and phone can be frustrating and cause eye fatigue and bring on headaches. Allow the time for your eyes to go back to normal before focusing on the small print. Going back to work or school, may not be the best option for you after getting your eyes dilated.

How Long Does It Take for Your Eyes to Settle?


The time it takes for your eyes to settle and go back to normal can vary depending on your eye color, age, and medications you may be taking. You can count on at least four to six hours for your pupils to return to normal, maybe more. Plan ahead so that having your eyes dilated isn’t a stressful situation. Take advantage of the time you have to rest!

Keep Your Eyes Healthy for Years to Come


At Vision Boutique, we care about our patient’s eyesight now and in the future. That’s why we teach healthy vision habits during our eye exams and appointments. 

Although getting your eyes dilated can seem like a nuisance, your eye specialist can examine your eyes more fully and completely to make sure everything is healthy and as it should be. Taking care of your vision is worth it! So schedule an exam today

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