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Can a Flashlight Damage Your Eyes? Here’s What You Should Know


We all tell our kids to stop shining bright flashlights in their faces, so they don’t hurt their eyes. It seems like there’s even more access to flashlights now too. They are included on our phones, tablets, and even watches. So, what’s the truth? Can a flashlight damage your eyes, or is it just an old wife’s tale?

What Happens When You Shine a Flashlight in Your Eye?


We’ve all been temporarily blinded by a quick, bright light from a camera flash or briefly glancing towards the sun. When this happens, the brightness is decolorizing or bleaching the retinal pigment. After just a few moments, or at worst a few minutes, the bleaching effects dissipate, and your eyesight ultimately returns to its standard color.

The same kind of effect takes place when you momentarily shine a flashlight in your eye. The temporary blindness, seeing spots, or even fleeting confusion you may experience resolves itself sooner than later. Still, it’s probably a good idea to try to avoid shining a flashlight in your or someone else’s eyes regularly. Because doing so, especially for an extended period, could cause some problems. 

It should be noted that there are no reports of blindness resulting from flashlights, but as time goes on, flashlights are getting brighter and brighter, and temporary damage could be a result. So maybe that nagging from your mom to not shine bright lights in your eyes is beneficial after all! 

Can Eyes Recover from Light Damage?


While the temporary effects of shining a flashlight in your eyes go away quickly, there are other conditions to consider. The good news is that most light damage can be healed or reversed. It is vitally important to have regular vision checkups so that your eye specialist can monitor and keep track of any changes to your vision. Potential problems are then found much sooner and treated quickly before they progress and become severe. Depending on your condition, this timely treatment can even save you from becoming blind. 

How Long Does It Take to Go Blind from a Flashlight?


Blindness isn’t a usual occurrence from flashlights. Instead, the sun and lasers are typically the cause of blindness. Depending on the amount of light, constant exposure is usually needed to cause permanent damage to your vision. 

Concerns About Your Vision?


Your eyesight is so crucial to your everyday life. It’s worth your time and trouble to take care of your eyes. Just imagine your day-to-day activities and how they would change if you didn’t have your vision. It makes a visit to your eye doctor seem much more important, right?

Suppose you have concerns about changes in your vision, whether from exposure to bright light or just adjustments needed with your prescription. In that case, Vision Boutique would love to help. Call us to learn more about our services and schedule an eye exam to find out more about healthy vision habits for yourself and your family.

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