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Are Ring Lights Bad for Your Eyes? Explained!


If you are a vlogger, photographer, or someone who likes to take professional looking selfies, you probably have a ring light that you regularly use. The high-quality pictures and videos that a ring light can contribute to are amazing! In addition, medical experts, makeup artists, even tattoo artists use ring lights to perfect their craft. A ring light is versatile and easy to use. But before you take that next picture, ask yourself, “are ring lights bad for your eyes”?

Can Ring Lights Hurt Your Eyes?


When using a ring light for any kind of video or picture, it is placed right in front of you to reduce any shadows and brighten a person or object with light. Therefore, it’s only natural to worry about the possible harm that could be inflicted on your eyes with each use. 

But are ring lights harmful to your eyes when it comes down to it? The answer is no… and yes. There is no indication of damage happening to the eyes during most ring light use. But there is some definite eye strain and possible headaches that can occur from the LED lights flickering quickly and the blue light that is emitted from them. 

Do Ring Lights Blind You?


Ring lights continue to get better and better and safer as time goes on. Starting out with fluorescent bulbs was not the safest, but most are now made from LED bulbs which can be dimmed to help with eye strain. But, no matter how you “look” at it, it’s still a bright light staring right back at you. 

Staring at a bright light for extended periods of time can overstimulate your retina, which can cause injury. In addition, the bright blue flashing lights emit more energy, resulting in photothermal damage or can increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration, causing vision loss in the central portion of the eye. 

How Do You Use a Ring Light without Hurting Your Eyes?


The best prevention for keeping your eyes safe can include:

  1. Keep your ring light out of your direct vision. If possible, move it to the side, so you’re not looking straight into the light.
  2. Try to limit how much you use your ring light and how often your eyes are exposed to it. If possible, take breaks.
  3. Buy your ring light from a manufacturer you trust. Only then will you know that safety and quality were a priority in the production.

While no studies directly examine the effects of ring lights on vision and eyesight, we also don’t have studies saying they’re entirely safe either. Some damage can take place immediately, and others take time, maybe even years, to develop. 

Your best bet is to discuss any concerns you may have with your eye specialist considering your ring light and the frequency that you use it. Are ring lights bad for your eyes? Time will tell. Do your part to keep your eyes healthy and safe by scheduling an eye exam today.

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