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Are LED Grow Lights Bad for Your Eyes?


If you are involved with indoor growing, you probably use grow lights on a regular basis. As you look at the progress of your plants under the LED grow lights from time to time, has it ever made you wonder, “are grow lights bad for your eyes”? 

Can Grow Lights Cause Eye Damage?


LED lights are made to imitate the sun. This is why growers have found them to be so helpful. It’s important to remember that when you bring the sun “indoors” with the use of LED lights, you can be exposed to those same unsafe rays you worry about when you’re playing in the sun during the day. Plan accordingly to keep yourself safe while using your LED lights indoors. 

Are grow lights bad for your eyes, though? Blue light is the most harmful to your eyes. Blue light not only messes with your sleep cycle but can also harm your vision. This is because blue light infiltrates all the way to your retina without being stopped by the cornea (the front protective window-like area of your eye). The blue light that enters your retina causes cell damage and then leads to the loss of your central vision, also known as macular degeneration. Prolonged use of UVA lights can also cause retinal damage, causing cataracts.

While this doesn’t mean that if you use LED grow lights, you will undoubtedly go blind. It does mean that you should take proper precautions like using protective eyewear to keep your vision safe and out of harm’s way.

Do Grow Lights Give Off Radiation?


Grow lights have been shown to give off UV radiation. Prolonged exposure can damage the skin and parts of the eye, so protecting them should be at the top of your list. First, educate yourself on the best precautions you can take for the specific grow lights you use. Then, take the time to protect yourself and your employees.

Can Plant Grow Lights Cause Cancer?


We know that UV light can cause skin cancer, but there is still a lot of unknown about blue light exposure. Wearing a long-sleeved shirt can help give an added measure of protection and keep your skin from obtaining any cell damage or injury.

Some rare forms of eye cancer from UV exposure have also been studied. Protecting your eyes with special grow light eyewear can be especially helpful as well as keeping the actual lights at least three feet from you.

Keep You and Your Plants Healthy


You take the time to care for your plants to help them grow as healthy as possible. Make sure you’re taking care of your own health, as well as your employees too. 

For questions about how you can protect against eye damage and vision loss in your work or hobbies, don’t hesitate to ask your eye specialist for more information. Vision Boutique is experienced in helping its patients learn healthy vision habits and keep their eyesight safe now and into the future. So call us to schedule an eye exam today.

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