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Cutting-Edge Vision Care: Comprehensive Exams,
Contact Lenses, Designer Eyewear

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We’re excited to introduce TearCare, our latest breakthrough in dry eye treatment. This cutting-edge technology is designed to provide personalized care for those struggling with dry eye symptoms. TearCare offers a non-invasive and highly effective solution to help restore comfort and clarity to your vision. Dr. Helen Tzanetakos explains how it works!

Optometry Services: Quality Care for the Whole Family

Personalized vision care; from a team of eye doctors you can trust.

Welcome to Vision Boutique, where our team strives to offer the best optometry services in the area. As a full-service eye care provider, we can help people of all ages with comprehensive eye exams, vision, eyewear, and ongoing health support. Our patient-focused approach gives you access to a team of highly-skilled optometrists and opticians.

Our Locations

Our team

Our experienced eye doctors and staff offer custom eye care services for the whole family.


Visit our education center to learn more about eye health, vision correction, and other related topics.


Full-service solutions, including comprehensive eye exams and treatments for people of all ages.


Multiple locations in Illinois and Indiana for your convenience.


Designer frames, contact lenses, and other high-quality vision care products.


We’re committed to patient satisfaction – before, during, and after each appointment.

Helping people is our passion

With more than 50 years of experience in the field, our doctors provide much more than the highest level of vision correction. Drs. Helen, Neil, Margaret, Nelly, Amy, and Nimi all have specialized experience, having worked hand in hand with some of the most respected eye surgeons in Chicago and the Midwest. Each eye doctor is trained and licensed to manage difficult medical issues that may be affecting the vision and health. We value a great pair of glasses and the safest, most comfortable contact lenses. But our singular, most paramount focus will always be your eyes. Vision Boutique definitely has the friendliest eye doctors in Chicago, Illinois!


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