1. The Best Eyeglass Repair in Chicago


If your eyeglasses are broken or damaged, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is time to buy a new set of frames and lenses. Instead, consider options for eyeglass repair in Chicago. Not only will repair services help you save money, but you can continue wearing your favorite pair of glasses without the need to buy replacements.

Many people need to wear eyeglasses for vision correction throughout the day. Not only are these products functional for vision support, but they can also be stylish as well. Even if you choose a quality pair of glasses, frames and lenses can be fragile.

2. Eyeglass Frame Repair in Chicago


A variety of repair services are available for eyeglasses. Common repair services include:

  • Hinges
  • Hinge bearing
  • Broken nose pads
  • Lost screws or nose pads
  • Bridges
  • Cracked temples
  • Scratched lenses

A quick search online will uncover many DIY options for eyeglass repair. While it might seem like a cost-saving strategy to fix your glasses at home, there is also a risk that you are increasing the likelihood of additional damage to the glasses. The best solution is to visit a local optometry office for professional services.

Eyeglass Repair in Chicago Chanel glasses

3. No Cost Glasses Repair


Depending on the extent of repair work that is needed, you might be able to have your glasses repaired at no cost. For example, many optical offices offer free screw replacement. If the small screw falls out and the temple of the glasses is unattached, then it is a simple fix to replace the screw.

Our office also offers complimentary adjustments, ensuring the comfort and fit of the glasses. We can customize the fit based on the shape of your face, giving you maximum comfort and appeal when wearing the frames.

In addition to eyeglass repair, our team also offers sunglass repair in Chicago. Feel free to bring in any glasses or sunglasses that need a little TLC to restore their function.

4. New Lenses for Your Glasses


It is normal for your eyes to change over time. Just because you need a new prescription, doesn’t mean that you have to buy a whole new set of eyeglasses. Some people choose to continue using the same frames, and simply switch out the lenses in the frame.

This decision might be based on the coverage available through your vision insurance plan. For example, if it is time for new lenses, but you don’t have any coverage left for the year, then you can reduce your costs by keeping the same frames and replacing the lenses.

We’ll complete an eye exam to determine your new prescription. Then your old frames can be upgraded with the right lenses to ensure optimal vision throughout the day.

5. Eyeglass Damage Prevention


While we are happy to offer eyeglass repair in Chicago, we always encourage our patients to use care
and protect their eyeglasses. Here are a few tips to help:

  • Clean the glasses with a microfiber cloth
  • Always store the eyeglasses in a case
  • Don’t fall asleep with glasses on
  • Remove eyeglasses while participating in sports activities
  • Buy quality frames

At Vision Boutique, we offer quality products from some of the best brands in the industry. Our team is also here to help with eyeglass repair in Chicago. Contact us to learn about the available services.